Vivid! 1.4 Beta out to test!

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After some months of feedback and testing, we now have a new demo ready for more playing! This will hopefully be the last version before the KickStarter officially launches! Said KickStarter we are hoping to do in February.

Let’s go over what’s new:

  1.  New art for Azure Aqueduct!
  2.  BRAND NEW music made by Andrew Nyte! Very awesome work!
  3. When Vivid is blue, she can climb up water falls! You may find some neat stuff.
  4. New character “Bub Brosh” has been added. He’s invisible but if you find him, he may give you stars!
  5. SECRET: When you beat Azure Aqueduct, select it again but go to the weapons. You’ll be able to swap them for some NEW weapons! Whip, Boomerang, and Yoyo. These are unfinished but ready to be tested for your enjoyment!
  6. SECRET: After beating Azure Aqueduct, anytime you’re on the ground, press the Y-button or Z-key to swap to Vivid’s dog, Spirit! She has unique abilities that are ready to be tested.
  7. Momentum no longer adds to your jump height. Vivid will always have the same jump strength.
  8. Big stars only give 4 stars when collected.
  9. Upgrade glitch where big stars were not completely counted fixed.
  10. Added an animation to the switches to stick out more.
  11.  Red Sword swing is faster.
  12. Slug enemies move slower.
  13. Tux N Torch has waterfalls in boss room, making the fight potentially easier.
  14. Various level structure changes to make getting around easier.

Please leave any feedback to me either on here, the page, or on my Twitter:


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