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Vivid! News – Kickstarter and More

Howdy! Mr. LMB here to give you some updates on my projects.

If you didn’t know, we started a Kickstarter for Vivid a few days ago. You can find it HERE. Goal of $8500 USD. Most of which is being used to complete the OST and help with any possible problems, like hardware breaking down. The goal is only for English/Windows PC. More funds would be needed for ports and other languages.

That’s a basic summary of the Kickstarter. If you haven’t checked it out, there are more details for things like backer rewards there too. As for progress with the game; it’s going pretty well! I’m comfortable with how the game feels and think it’s just a matter of getting assets done, tested, and maybe a few small tweaks before we have something ready. Minus audio of course.

But how has the KS been doing? You may be shocked to hear this, considering we only have about $500 of the $8500 total, but it’s actually better than I expected. All the money given so far has just been from me simply posting on twitter and discord, and a few other places. I thought it be worse honestly! The first day netted over 400, but day two was.. well, we earned nothing. It’s very interesting to see how it all works. Statistics and such. Most of the donations I got were actually from random people on Kickstarter as oppose to the small audience I had connections with.

Now you may be asking, “Wait! But surely you did more than just discord/twitter! Are you dumb?!”

Indeed, I did post in many other places. Near daily too, and had even announced the KS a week in advance, hyping it up each day where I could. But more importantly, I searched and searched for different contacts to email. I won’t give any names, but I contacted several different groups or people about the game. Although personally, I wish I could have a larger list. You can never have enough truthfully.

I tried to contact them before the launch the best I could. But the issue was if I had to move the launch date. For instance, the original date was slated for the 7th, BUT Pokemon news was set to come out that day. No one was sure what kind of news, so I decided to move the date to the 8th. I think it was a good idea because it gave me a little more room to think things out. Unfortunately, I think there was an announcement to port a game of some sort with Kickstarter that really got around on twitter on the 8th. That may or may not have dented some of the feedback. but games are being released and announced all the time.

Speaking of, I chose to do the KS now because it’s August. Barely anything is coming out, a dry season for games if you will. Wait too long, and you’ll end up in Fall where the bigger titles are coming out. A bad time to do a KS. So instead of waiting several more months, thought it be best to do a KS now. Even with 2 years of prep, I still felt a bit under prepared. But not by much.

Here’s the issue we have, and it’s simple: Exposure.

Vivid, is a good, fun, and excellent game. That’s not me trying to pat myself on the back. That’s just what I’ve heard from a lot of people who’ve tried it. Plus, when you’re making yourself a game, you better make sure you think your own thing is excellent! If you don’t think it is, how will anyone else? But my point is that, people like the game. So why so little support?

People simply don’t know about it. I have tried for years to build up an audience to support my projects. It ain’t easy. Part of the problem is myself of course. I just need to be more social, which is tough when you want to work on your game at the same time, spending energy on it. You think simply posting “Hi! How is everyone?” or responding with “That’s really cool! Nice work!” would be simple. Maybe for some, yes. Not everyone, like me for example. Perhaps it’s because I feel I want to truly give great advice or suggestions rather than something that seems half-hearted. Regardless, socializing is important. These are people I’m talking to, so I want to be genuine, you know?

But simply being social also isn’t enough. You’ve got to provide people with stuff. I think I’ve done plenty of that… buuuuut, it’s not so simple. When it comes to getting attention, especially from people higher up the ladder, it can come down to luck. Or being at the right place at the right time.

And right now, I’ve been pretty dang unlucky. Of all the contacts I’ve sent emails to (and a email for when the KS launched), 0 have done anything or responded. Mind you, they may have plans on doing something that are underway. I just don’t know about it at all yet. So no one has tried to show off the game to a larger audience yet (Except a Russian site I found out about recently). An audience that may have many, many, MANY potential backers and future fans. All I can do now is wait to see if anyone pulls through over the next month.

Honestly, I’m not too sure what more one could do to improve their chances with something like that. Other than promoting and advertising your KS, which takes money to do and may vary on what tools you use, I just need to be patient. Maybe send more emails after a while if nothing comes from it.


As I said, I chose to do this KS in August because I just wanted to get it out of the way before Fall. But even if it fails, nothing changes schedule wise! I’ll still be making the game at the same pace as before. Only thing is that music work would have to be delayed, and I’d have to configure a new Kickstarter eventually. So if I fail, no big deal.

If I had to be brutally honest though, I would like to have made the goal $20,000 USD. Simply because that would cover costs for languages and some ports, which I really want to do. But I kept things down to a minimum. So, unless my KS suddenly gets a lot of funding through exposure, those types of things aren’t happening.

As things stand, the KS needs 400 more backers to donate $20 each to fund the project. We’ve got almost 25 backers who’ve already done $500. And while it’s true most Kickstarters get most of their money during the beginning and end of the campaign, I think mine could be an exception to that rule, simply because so few people are aware, and none of the exposure I could use has surfaced yet. If it were shown to a wider audience, the funds would rise at the speed of sound.

You want to bet? Then let me show you statistics! (Views are top, Downloads are bottom)

Annotation 2019-08-11 034754

These are stats for this past month of the Vivid demo. There wasn’t much talk about it for a while, but you’ll see it start to rise as I announce a KS. Then sink back before spiking when it launches, and it’s been maintaining some momentum after. At its height, I had 23 views and 7 downloads. For someone as small as me, it’s a pretty nice number.

BUT, I’ve had better in the past!

Annotation 2019-08-11 035553

These stats are from 2018. During July, the streamer known as “Vinny” from Vinesauce was playing a selection of random games. I managed to have a mod (Hi Alizarin) sneak the demo in. However, Vinny had to go through 30 something games in but a few short hours. Meaning he rapid fire through some of them, including Vivid. it was also a less polished demo, and he skipped the tutorial… which lead to him being confused by a few elements. I was baffled he skipped it, but he was on a time restraint, so I guess he figured it be simple enough to skip and just play the game.

Beyond learning a few lessons and revising my demo since then, Vinny streamed the game for no more than 5 minutes. 5 minutes. That’s all he did on stream, and he didn’t even show the GOOD parts! Yet, I got 15 downloads and 53 views on that day alone! And I had more happen once the stream was uploaded to YouTube.

That was merely 5 minutes of Vinny fooling around in Vivid. Versus me trying to announce, hype up, and launch a KS. That exposure alone was more than what I did within my small audience that I could reach to in over a week. So let that be a lesson at how powerful this type of coverage can be.

Of course, not everyone from there would donate. But, I did review the chat log, and it was quite positive about Vivid even if Vinny was fooling around lost. I truly believe all we need is exposure like this to get this game funded and then some!

If the KS does fail, I will try my best to form a method to getting in contact with these content creators/streamers better and with their audience if possible. There are a lot of people who’d love Vivid; they just don’t know it yet.